Spray Foam Insulation & Mortgage Lenders

If you plan to sell a home and have foam insulation, contact a specialist spray foam insulation removal company before it goes on the market.
Although spray foam insulation has been used on properties throughout the UK for a number of years, it is only now that problems with obtaining mortgages can be a real problem. Many lenders will not consider mortgage applications on properties where spray foam insulation is installed. This applies to either closed or open cell foam. If a mortgage provider does accept an application, they could stipulate having a new roof installed.

Losing a Property Sale Due to Spray Foam Insulation
You may have put a property on the market and many buyers have shown a keen interest in buying it. However, when it comes to getting a mortgage, their lenders turn them down because your property has spray foam insulation. You lose a welcomed sale because of the
The solution is to get in touch with a reputable spray foam insulation removal company and get them to assess the damage. Ideally, you should arrange for this to be done before you put a property up for sale. Like this you avoid losing a sale because of the spray foam found in your loft or attic.

Being Turned Down For a Equity Release Due to Spray Foam Insulation
You may want to remortgage your property and find that your application is refused because the home has spray foam insulation installed in the loft.

Lenders do not like this type of insulation because it can conceal the following:

  • Moisture damage to roof timbers
  • Mould build-up
  • Dampness in walls and roofs
  • The integrity of a roof may be compromised

Your mortgage company may only agree to remortgaging a property with spray foam insulation if a new roof is installed. The task is not only stressful, but having a new roof is a costly expense and one that may be avoidable.
In short, a specialist spray foam removal company could assess any damage the spray foam insulation is concealing. They would then advise you on how best to solve the remortgaging problems facing you. Although, spray foam insulation removal is labour intensive, a specialist could carry out the work solving your remortgaging issues.

Why Choose a Specialist Spray Foam Insulation Removal Company

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet regarding the removal of spray foam insulation and how many people believe it is permanent. However, a thorough and professional assessment of the property is carried out when you contact a specialist with the right experience in spray foam insulation removal. This entails noting any visible damage and other suspected issues because spray foam insulation is installed. Once this is achieved, a specialist would then provide you with a report on how best to go forward.
The solution to remortgaging and mortgage problems with a property with spray foam is to get in touch with a specialist company. This can be done prior to any applications being made to lenders so that mortgage issues are avoided from the outset. A specialist spray foam insulation removal company with the right experience can help solve your mortgage problems.

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