Is Spray Foam Insulation Permanent?

 Many homeowners believe that spray foam insulation is permanent, but it can be successfully removed by a specialist spray foam removal company.
Spray foam insulation is made up of isocyanate and polyol resin and when it is sprayed onto any surface, it expands. This expansion can be up to sixty times the original application. As such, over the years spray foam has been one of the most commonly used types of loft and attic insulation.
However, although this type of insulation provides a waterproof and airtight environment keeping out water and keeping in warmth, it can also cause a lot of damage to roof timbers and a property.


When Spray Foam Insulation in a Roof Causes Problems
Condensation can be a real problem when spray foam insulation is installed in a roof or attic. An imbalance between the warm floors below and the cold roof space above results in a moisture build-up when the two airs collide.
Too much moisture causes rafters and other roof timbers to rot which can negatively impact the roof’s integrity. If this happens, the only solution may be to have a costly new roof installed. However, before going down this route, it is always advisable to contact a spray
foam insulation removal company. A reputable firm could solve your problems and it is a much less costly option than having to install a new roof.

Spray Foam Insulation and Poor Ventilation
When there is not enough ventilation, this too can cause condensation in a roof space that has spray foam insulation. Warm air trapped in a roof space can cause serious condensation problems. Even open cell spray foam can cause problems if there is not enough ventilation in
a roof space.

What Happens When Spray Foam Insulation is Incorrectly Applied
Over time a lot of companies set themselves up as spray foam insulation installers.
However, many of the jobs carried out were substandard. Shortcuts were taken in the application of spray foam insulation in attics and lofts. All too often an incorrect mixture was applied, or the spray was not applied correctly resulting in:

  • Not enough spray foam is used which results in gaps or a lower amount of foam being applied
  • The foam does not adhere to surfaces because an incorrect mixture is used
  • Dangerous toxic fumes if a foam mixture fails to set properly which should be immediate

If you are thinking of selling a property, it would be wise to consult with a specialist spray foam insulation removal company before it goes on the market. It would help avoid any selling problems with buyers not being able to get mortgages.

Finally, Is Spray Foam Insulation Permanent?
The only way to get a true picture of whether the insulation in your roof or attic can be removed, is to contact a specialist spray foam insulation removal company. By contacting a firm with the right experience, you get a true picture of any roof damage in your property
and whether the spray foam can be successfully removed. It could save you a fortune which includes having a totally new roof installed because the spray foam insulation was wrongly installed.

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